Who is the AMTA?

The AMTA is a Member Driven Association and we are here to benefit the
membership. We strive to promote Professional Credibility, and we hold our
membership to a level of Standards and a Code of Ethics. We are also pursuing
statewide governmental legislation to promote a higher level of professional
standards in our industry.

Mission Statement

The AMTA New Jersey Chapter aspires to promote the highest standards of
excellence for our profession. We want to demonstrate that we care and will
support our members to be great therapists through sponsored educational
events and the many committees we have to address their needs. We want the
members of our Chapter to be recognized throughout the State as Professionals
who can be trusted to provide competent and loving service. We wish to continue
to work in the spirit of cooperation and collaboration with National AMTA and with
other professional Massage, Bodywork and Somatic Therapy Organizations.
Finally, we want to have fun doing work that we love to do whether it is with
clients, within our Association or wherever our responsibility takes us!

Protecting Members' Privacy and Avoiding Endorsements

Member Contact Information: Policy -Part 10, Section 8:

Chapters may not provide member names, home or e-mail addresses or
phone numbers to other AMTA members who are not conducting chapter
board approved business, advertisers, organizations, individuals or Political
Action Committees (PACs).

If any of the above would like AMTA member contact information, they may
contact the National Chapter Relations Department. AMTA never gives or rents
member e-mail addresses to other businesses or organizations.

Endorsement: Policy- Part 24

AMTA does not endorse products or services, and does not promote activities
that are not massage. Even when the association affiliates with another
organization, there is a detailed process of review to ensure that the affiliate
would meet criteria in AMTA policy. So, when considering forming business
relationships with companies or individuals, your chapter board of directors
should be careful in making agreements, especially with companies or
individuals that market or produce massage continuing education. Something
may look beneficial for members and/or it may provide additional funding for
the chapter, but may be against AMTA policy. If you have any questions about
whether a business relationship with a company or individual constitutes an
endorsement, please contact the Chapter Relations Department.

AMTA Name and Logo: Policy -Part 4, Section 4:

Chapters cannot grant a company or individual permission to use the AMTA
name or logo or to state or imply endorsement. This can put the entire
association at legal risk and damage our reputation.